CFMI LEAP-1B General Support License Agreement

BP Aero is pleased to announce that we have entered into a General Support License Agreement with CFM International, Inc. for the Engine(s) LEAP-1B.

This GSA provides BP Aero access to the following OEM products and services: Clarification support of Technical Data; Website access: Purchase of spare parts for Engine(s) (“Spare Parts”); Purchase of tooling (including test/inspection equipment) for Engine(s); Technical Data for Engine(s); Departure Record(s); Technical Inquiries, some of which have fees associated with them.

“This agreement reinforces BP Aero’s commitment to the next generation of commercial aircraft engines while continuing to support current platforms such as the CFM56, CF6, CF34, GE90 and V2500 engine lines.  We are proud that CFMI has allowed BP Aero to join a very trusted group of licensees to service LEAP engine platform.  We look forward to being a part of CFMI’s successful Leap forward in Flight Power Efficiency and Customer Value Experience.” – Dennis Walsh, CEO

About BP Aero:  BP Aero offers a wide range of part overhaul capabilities on the CFM56/CF6/CF34/GE90/V2500 engine models including overhaul of cases, housings, supports, seals, disks, spools, booster vane assemblies, CVTs, A/O separators, tubes, hoses, and manifolds.  BP Aero hospital shop performs quick turn engine repairs and provides field service for CFM56/CF6/CF34 models.  BP Aero’s engine disassembly capability includes CFM56/CF6/CF34/V2500/PW4000.

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