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Are you mechanically-inclined and looking for a challenging and rewarding career opportunity?  Have you considered a career in the Aerospace industry?  Imagine the rewards of applying your background to a field that will allow commercial planes to keep flying.

Working at BP Aero:

At BP Aero Services (BP Aero) we hire, train, develop and lead a robust team of highly technical workers that make the most difficult types of repairs on gas turbine engines. We are a certificated FAA repair station. We operate in the Aerospace field as well as the Marine & Industrial space working with the airlines, engine overhaul shops as well as original manufacturers such as GE, Pratt & Whitney and IAE. We are a local privately held business right in Irving, TX and we have been in business since 2010. We offer a “family style” environment with ample opportunities for individual growth at all levels. Come join the BP Aero family and watch your career soar!


  • Well-lit, clean work environment
  • Competitive pay with shift premiums
  • Health Insurance Plan Participation
  • Profit sharing bonuses
  • Paid tuition for job-related courses and programs on-site and at area colleges
  • State-sponsored apprenticeship programs


  • GD&T – Use and correctly interpret geometric tolerance symbols.
  • Mechanical Measuring Instruments – Use micrometers, vernier calipers, surface plate gages, dial-indicator gages, custom-made diameter & length gages and set masters, dial bore gages, snap gages, stick gages, gage blocks, thread gages, contour gages, feeler gages, radius gages, and other inspection tools to measure sizes. Check calibration as necessary, at use or at intervals specified by the quality system.
  • Electronic and Computer Controlled Measuring Instruments – Follow instructions or follow pre-established programs to use FARO arm, electronic gages, and Coordinate Measuring Machine to measure parts. Ensure calibration is maintained during use of electronic and computer controlled measuring instruments.
  • Documentation Inspection – Check customer purchase orders and other customer documentation, check vendor documentation, and BP Aero documentation to assist in finding defects and to ensure that all documentation is correct. Report and/or correct documentation errors as prescribed in our system.
  • In-Process Inspection – Check hidden dimensions and hidden features uncovered during the course of repair. Check BP Aero workmanship and documentation. Check vendor repairs and documentation.
  • Final Inspection – Where verification is required, inspect to verify that all work BP Aero performed meets the applicable standard. Check features potentially affected by BP Aero repair work. Check for correct completion of all documentation and records.
  • Reporting – Clearly report all findings. Record location, size, acceptability parameters, and other information relevant to the evaluation, acceptance, and correction of findings.
  • Testing Requirements – Use hardness testers, OHM meters, or other testing equipment to analyze or verify part characteristics and process quality requirements.
  • Calibration – When assigned or at use, perform calibrations and check equipment frequently to ensure traceable acceptable error level is maintained.
  • Non-part Inspections – Inspect fixtures, machine parts, and other in-house work.
  • Work Instructions – Work directly to OEM engine overhaul manual inspection sections and repairs when evaluating parts, as well as using BP Aero’s in-house documentation and work instructions.
  • Repair Development – Participate with Engineers and Quality Engineers in repair development. Evaluate and recommend inspection methods.


  • Ability to perform technical mathematical operations including working with decimals, fractions and basic geometry.
  • Follow standard quality systems and documentation.
  • Knowledge of basic GD&T commands.
  • Using inspection aids, perform visual inspection of turbine engine components and other parts.
  • Using measuring equipment such as mechanical gages, surface plate layout inspection tools, and coordinate measuring machines, measure and record part characteristics.
  • Properly interpret and follow written and verbal inspection instructions accurately.

BP Aero is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and promoting the health and well-being of its employees. Employment opportunities at BP Aero are open to all qualified applicants solely on the basis of their job-related experience, knowledge, skills and abilities. BP Aero complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws with regard to equal employment opportunity.

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