BP Aero Increases Engine Part Overhaul Capacity

2018 has been an exciting year for BP Aero.  Our customers needs and market demand for capacity drove us to double our floor space, purchase and install equipment and increase our team members.  Our output has increased dramatically allowing us to meet the turn time needs of our customers as well as take on additional work.

In 2018 we added 2 vacuum furnaces, automated shot peen,  a large VTL, a second HAAS CNC machining center and 3 lathes.   We reorganized into product work cells.  Previously we had a departmentalized structure.  Now we have 9 product work cells; Large Diameter, Small Diameter, LLP, Accessory, Assembly, Fabrication, Surfaces, Tubes/Manifolds and Clean/Inspect.  This structure breaks our work into manageable pieces.  We hired and trained new team members to match up with our additional floor space and equipment capacity.  In July we saw a 40% increase in output.

We are adding another clean line, FPI line and plasma spray booth.  We will continue to add equipment and team members through out the year but the changes we made in the first six months of 2018 represent a significant change in our operations and allow us to properly scale up for future growth needs.


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